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Honoring MLK in 2020: How President Trump Is Empowering the Black Community

MLK Day 2020

“Today, we pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and equal society.” —President Trump Click here to see President Trump’s tweet.

It was exactly three years ago today that President Donald J Trump was sworn into office. How apropos that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I believe that MLK would be happy to see all that President Trump has accomplished for the black community here in the US. Perhaps the best example is that African-American unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our country.

Trump supports black communityPresident Trump has done much more for the black community than obama ever did. Consider his community support prior to becoming president and his administration’s ongoing work in the creation of new jobs for EVERYONE, the revitalization of economically distressed African-American neighborhoods, and the First Step Act. It’s no wonder that more and more African Americans are supporting the President.

In fact, there are growing numbers of citizens across the US who believe that President Trump has their best interests at heart. Below is a compelling article written by David J Harris, Jr., who lays out the ways in which the black community is benefiting under this presidency.

President Trump Has Finally Brought MLK’s Vision to Life

“Every year, the nation stops to honor and reflect on the meaning and mission of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life. We think about our American heritage, the Civil Rights Movement, and our constant struggle to become a more perfect union, guided by the ideals of our founding fathers.”

“On this MLK Day, there’s a lot to celebrate. Under President Trump’s leadership, African Americans are safer, wealthier, and more optimistic than ever — and he’s just getting started.”

“President Trump’s success terrifies Democrats, who have long relied on African American votes while consistently failing to deliver on their promises to improve conditions for us. Simply by creating the conditions for economic opportunity, this President has done more to empower the black community than any other politician in living memory — and in the process, he has completely discredited the misguided notion that African Americans need special treatment and government handouts in order to succeed.” Click here to read the full article.

The First Step Act: How It Benefits African Americans and Their Communities

Did you know? Black Americans make up 40% of the incarcerated population despite representing only 13% of US residents.*
*Statistic from www.prisonpolicy.org

The First Step Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018.

The First Step Act has helped many African Americans, who make up more than 91% of those released, according to the US Sentencing Commission. (Note: The 1994 Clinton Crime bill put record numbers of African Americans behind bars, often with harsh and long sentences that did not match their crimes.) See the statistics below, as one example.

“Thanks to this law, 1,051 crack offenders (more than 90 percent of whom are black) have seen sentence reductions, with the average reduction being from 20 to 14 years.” Click here to view the article The First Step Act Resulted in 1,151 Crack Sentence Reductions, and That’s Great.

View the video below for the highlights of this groundbreaking criminal justice reform.

First Step Act Celebration

The First Step Act has given many inmates a second chance. It also provides services and support so that after they are released, they can return and become successful members of their communities.

See the video and read the articles below to hear the stories of several of the people who have been released under this Act.

Clinton Stewart Released from Federal Prison in Colorado due to First Step Act Signed by President Trump

“Clinton Stewart, one of the #IRP5 businessmen wrongfully convicted in Denver, Colorado for a crime they didn’t commit was released from the Florence Prison Camp in Florence, CO due to the #FirstStepAct signed by President Donald Trump! To Learn more read this Press Release: http://bit.ly/2QuB8Su and check out www.freetheirp6.org.”

Click on the titles below to learn more about the First Step Act.

Alice Marie Johnson, granted clemency by Trump, moved to tears at SOTU

Matthew Charles: Saved by the First Step Act

Criminal Justice Reform Is About People, Not Posturing

EXCLUSIVE Op-Ed: White House Message to Black America

Department of Justice Announces Enhancements to the Risk Assessment System and Updates on First Step Act Implementation

Why African Americans Support President Trump

Here’s another great video by one of our patriots, highlighting the ways that President Trump has recognized and empowered African Americans and their communities.

Click here to follow Kent at https://twitter.com/RealDealAxelrod

What People Are Saying About President Trump….

Many people are waking up to the continual lies and propaganda from mainstream media and the corrupt dems. They no longer believe that President Trump is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an islamophobe…whatever they choose to call him in the moment.

I am grateful to see that young people are discovering the truth, and making up their own minds, as well!

Click on the image below to view the video.

Trump is not racist

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day! Please share this post!! And check back for more….coming soon!


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What Are They Hiding? What Is Their “Real” Reason for This Impeachment Hoax? https://www.cbliss247.com/what-are-they-hiding-real-reason-for-impeachment-hoax/ https://www.cbliss247.com/what-are-they-hiding-real-reason-for-impeachment-hoax/#respond Fri, 17 Jan 2020 06:50:50 +0000 https://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4475 The post What Are They Hiding? What Is Their “Real” Reason for This Impeachment Hoax? appeared first on CBliss247.


What Are They Hiding? What Is Their “Real” Reason for This Impeachment Hoax?

Ukraine hoax

I want to know it all. I want to know why they are lying and what they have done. “They” refers to the puppets of the Deep State….the lying dems and rinos, corrupt government officials, and the paid propagandists of mainstream media (MSM).

I keep thinking that there is much more to their impeachment hoax story! They are desperate to cover up something that they have done….in fact, many things that they have done. Of course, as I have told you again and again, you will never find any truth on MSM. So don’t bother looking there.

Instead, I ask you to consider the following sources and the very interesting information that they have uncovered about Ukraine….and so much more!

Dan Bongino was on fire today! He is putting together many of these connections among all the dirty players, along with all their hoax narratives (which is really all the same hoax). I highly recommend you check out this episode of the Dan Bongino Show.

In this episode, Dan addresses “the stunning connections between the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment hoax. All roads lead to Ukraine.” Click here for the show notes.

If you haven’t seen the One American News Network (OANN) series on Ukraine with investigative reporter Chanel Rion, it’s definitely worth your time!

One America News Investigates: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case (Part 1)

“In this special edition of One America News Investigates, Chanel Rion interviews several witnesses who destroy Adam Schiff’s baseless impeachment case against President Trump. In a three-part EXCLUSIVE report, Rudy Giuliani debunks the impeachment hoax and exposes Biden family corruption in Ukraine.”

Click here to see Parts 2 and 3 of this eye-opening series.

More Evidence of Cover-Ups

What have they been covering up? What do they want to keep us from knowing? What is the truth?

real articles of impeachmentThere have been many people outside of the paid puppets of MSM who have uncovered various nefarious and criminal acts from the previous obama administration and their deep state puppets. Below is a sampling of what has been published. Do your own research. I am sure there is much more. Click on the titles below to read the articles:

This Is Why They Must Impeach: Ukrainian MP Says Burisma Financed Clinton Campaign With $10M Unmarked Cash, Biden Personally Prevented Money Laundering Witness From Entering USA

Ukraine Fires Prosecutor Investigating Burisma And Hunter Biden, Transfers Cases To Soros-Controlled NABU For Closure

Latvian government says it flagged ‘suspicious’ Hunter Biden payments in 2016

Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

John Kerry’s State Department Wanted A Contractor To ‘Build A Network of Civic Activists Throughout Ukraine’

Impeachment as a Means to An End, and Not The End Itself…

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden ‘Steered $1.8 Billion’ to Ukraine While His Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart Deal’ from Their Government

Then, there is the enlightening video below. It seems that Ukraine is ground zero for many illegal activities. Thank you to David J Harris, Jr. for sharing it. You can find more information on his website at https://davidharrisjr.com.

UKRAINE – Ground Zero For The CIA’s Coup Upon America

“When the president of the United States asked the president of Ukraine to investigate, he was asking him to investigate crimes at the highest levels of both governments. This video lays bare the amount of corruption in Ukraine that took place under the Obama administration beginning in 2013 and explains clearly how Ukraine was corrupted by Americans.”

President Trump and We The People ARE Winning!

Do not be deceived by MSM lies and propaganda. We are winning…more and more people are awakening to the TRUTH. I discover new resources and more people posting the truth online every day. I want to end with this video by Wintrell, someone I recently discovered. I LOVE these talented patriots who continue to create the BEST MEMES and VIDEOS! Click on the image below to view the video.

Wintrell Maga Man video

View the full version of the video here: youtu.be/Na8n9Sz60K0

There is so much happening these days…It’s exciting to see the TRUTH continue to be revealed. Please check back for more TRUTH, coming soon, and share this post with others. Thank you!



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Happy 2020! The BEST Is Yet to Come!! https://www.cbliss247.com/happy-2020-the-best-is-yet-to-come/ https://www.cbliss247.com/happy-2020-the-best-is-yet-to-come/#respond Mon, 13 Jan 2020 05:46:39 +0000 https://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4422 The post Happy 2020! The BEST Is Yet to Come!! appeared first on CBliss247.


Happy 2020! The BEST Is Yet to Come!!

Great Awakening

It has taken me awhile to publish this blog post. I have been delayed due to technology issues beyond my control. I hope to get them resolved soon.


I hope that your year has started off with a bang! I know that mine has…and I look forward to my many adventures, yet unknown. I am continually inspired when I hear President Trump speak. Almost every time, I hear him affirm: “The best is yet to come!”


President Donald J. Trump: “Our Best Days Are Yet to Come”

I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!

I know that I am extremely grateful for the incredibly hard work that President Trump has done, in draining the swamp. More and more of these corrupt deep state puppets are being exposed, and justice IS coming. Don’t believe me? Have you seen all the upgrades completed at GITMO?! Click here to learn more.

I am SO thankful for the tax cuts and small business credit that I got last year. As a freelancer, it made a big difference for me. And this year, I don’t have to pay a penalty or sign up for insurance that I never use, due to President Trump’s elimination of the unconstitutional “individual mandate” of obamacare.

I am also looking for my next endeavor out there in the job world…and I see so many positions posted…along with higher rates of pay. This is definitely due to the work of President Trump and his administration.

Donald Trump by The Numbers

Do You Realize How Many Restrictive Regulations Have Been Eliminated?

“President Trump signed an Executive Order, mandating that two regulations must be eliminated for every regulation created in order to reduce compliance costs. The Administration actually eliminated 22 regulations for every new regulatory action.”

President Trump has also issued the fewest number of new rules since 1975. Click here to learn more.

“The Trump administration, under orders to slash Obama-era regulations, has also issued the fewest new rules since the government began counting them in 1975. For a third year, Trump’s administration has broken the record for issuing the fewest regulations and rules, a radical departure from the eight years of former President Barack Obama.”


The Many Accomplishments of President Trump
Click on the title below to view all of President Trump’s accomplishments in only three years time, despite having to deal with all the hoaxes and non-stop investigations. It truly is extraordinary what he has accomplished!

Exclusive: Trump list shows 319 ‘results’ and promises kept in three years

See the President’s accomplishments here: www.promiseskept.com.

Biden shakedown uses our taxmoney

This is exactly why the corrupt career politicians and MSM paid puppets HATE President Trump….

He is an outsider, not a compromised politician, who loves our country. He is demonstrating to the American people how all these campaign promises CAN be accomplished, instead of taking bribes to NOT make them happen.

The corrupt criminals in our government line their own pockets with our taxpayer money.

They budget and send our hard-earned money to inner cities here in the US (like Baltimore) and other countries (like Ukraine) and then launder it, for their own profit. The people who really need the money or help never see a dime.

obama is a criminalAsk the people in Baltimore, and they will tell you. And so will the people of Ukraine. They have been telling us, for a while now. But, our corrupt leaders and government officials have tried to bury this information and to stop the American public from knowing the truth.

Just wait until ALL of the TRUTH is exposed about Obama and his administration.

Sure, no scandals and the most transparent in history—NOT!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s time to do your homework.



For those of us who no longer believe the lies and propaganda spewed by mainstream media (MSM), we KNOW that there are AMAZING NEW POSSIBILITIES ON THE HORIZON for people across the world! It is happening everywhere, folks!!

Do you see it? Do you feel it? People are waking up to the TRUTH.

Click on the highlighted links below to see the video clips from people ALL OVER THE WORLD standing up to their corrupt governments! They LOVE President Trump and what he is doing for our country, as well as theirs!!

Trump ralliesIt’s time to get on the TRUMP TRAIN. MSM will no longer be able to hide the truth about President Trump’s rallies! They continue to grow and grow and grow!! I hope to attend a rally this year.

Iranian people stand up and demand that their government officials resign.

Don’t believe the lies of MSM. The people of Iran HATE the terrorist Soleimani and are happy that he is no longer alive to terrorize and kill them.

Iranians call for celebrations over Soleimani’s death, bake cakes thanking President Trump.

Seeing reports saying that 150,000 people gathered just in #Paris today to protest against Emperor Macron.

Keep supporting Hong Kong freedom by sharing this video. Hong Kong people want 5 demands to be met and not one less. Support these brave freedom-loving people.

Do Your Own Research

MSM paid puppetsDon’t expect to see any TRUTH on MSM. Their false narratives are only growing more ridiculous, because they are panicking. It is SO great to see people standing up to their lies and filing lawsuits against them. (This topic is for another post.)

If you are relying on MSM paid puppets, it’s time to turn them off and do some actual research to find out what IS really happening.

I am reposting this list of RESOURCES, along with a few new links added. There are many, many more resources out there on the internet. You may have to do some digging to find them, since good ol’ Go-ogle suppresses the real search results and buries anything that does not agree with their hate-Trump narrative. These are some of the sources that I have found to be credible and often very enlightening:

The Epoch Times: www.theepochtimes.com
One America News Network: www.oann.com
Judicial Watch: www.judicialwatch.org
The Dan Bongino Show: https://bongino.com
The Conservative TreeHouse: https://theconservativetreehouse.com
Sara A Carter: https://saraacarter.com
John Solomon Reports: https://johnsolomonreports.com
The Federalist: https://thefederalist.com
The Mark Levin Show: www.marklevinshow.com
Project Veritas: www.projectveritas.com
Full Measure News: https://fullmeasure.news
American Thinker: www.americanthinker.com
American Greatness: https://amgreatness.com
Dinesh D’Souza News: www.dineshdsouza.com/news
Prager U: www.prageru.com (See the Candace Owens Show and other podcasts here.)
Trump is returning power to the people

Here are a few of my favorite citizen journalists and truth seekers that also provide great information. Thank you to all the patriots out there who continue to research and post the truth!

Lisa Mei Crowley: https://twitter.com/LisaMei62
Tracy Beanz: https://twitter.com/tracybeanz
Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs: www.coreysdigs.com
Tiffany FitzHenry: https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com
Dave Janda at Operation Freedom: https://davejanda.com
Dave at X22 Report: www.youtube.com/user/X22Report
Amazing Polly: www.youtube.com/c/AmazingPolly
Jason Goodman on Crowdsource the Truth: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Cl9QaRtuW9CNjP7pP4BBQ

The Best Place to Find the TRUTH

Of course, if you really want to know everything that has been happening, a lot of it behind the scenes, Q posts are where you will find this kind of information.

Q Posts and More: https://qmap.pub

I am reposting this video, in case you have not seen it before. If you have, I encourage you to watch it again.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

This is a message to the deep state players across the world. Click here to view the video message.

Please share this post with others, and do your own research! Here’s to 2020, a year that will be biblical!!



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Guess What? Donald Trump Is STILL Your President! https://www.cbliss247.com/guess-what-donald-trump-is-still-your-president/ https://www.cbliss247.com/guess-what-donald-trump-is-still-your-president/#respond Sun, 22 Dec 2019 06:56:03 +0000 https://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4351 The post Guess What? Donald Trump Is STILL Your President! appeared first on CBliss247.


Guess What? Donald Trump Is STILL Your President!

impeach so he cant expose our crimes

It’s amazing to me that the mainstream media (MSM) paints all of President Trump’s supporters as stupid and uneducated! According to them, we’re nothing but a bunch of smelly Walmart shoppers who know nothing about anything important….especially issues like impeachment.

stupid people thought president firedYet, when the House ran its latest impeachment HOAX, many of the liberal lunatics out there thought a vote in the House meant that President Trump would no longer be president.

Are you kidding me?! No wonder these people believe the lies and propaganda of MSM.

They obviously know nothing about impeachment…or the constitution.

And if they were smart, they would recognize that everything that Dems in the House have done, making up their own rules as they go, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

I ran across the video below, which is pretty darn funny, with all the lunatics out there whooping it up after this fake impeachment vote in the House. At the same time, it’s also sad that these people are so clueless.

This impeachment BS is exactly that! BS!! Anyone in their right mind can see through their sick, obsessive agenda to remove a duly elected president. This has been their goal since BEFORE Donald Trump became president. Hmmmmm…..I wonder why they are so AFRAID of this man?!

The TRUTH About This Impeachment Hoax

Click on the image below to view the video of Congressman Clay Higgins exposing the truth about this hoax.

Tracy Beanz impeachment bs

Tracy Beanz has a website where you can find lots of very enlightening information, facts that MSM will NEVER tell you. Learn more at https://uncoverdc.com.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Impeachment

In the video below, Kevin McCarthy exposes the bias of the corrupt democrats and and their unconstitutional impeachment SCAM.

You need to ask yourself: Why are these people SO INTENT on removing President Donald J. Trump from office?

It’s not what the MSM paid puppets are telling you…time to wake up, little sheeple. Time to stop listening to the paid propaganda and actually do some research and critical thinking! HINT: You may want to check out some of my previous blog posts to find the TRUTH. There are lots of articles, videos, and other resources that will dispel the false narratives of the paid propagandists.

Impeachment! Chad Prather Tells It Like It Is

A friend of mine recently turned me onto Chad Prather. Check out his video below. He says more in 4 minutes about this impeachment debacle than most anyone out there, plus he is funny, to boot!

Learn more about Chad Prather at www.watchchad.com.

Americans Are Waking Up: Donald Trump in 2020

The corruption in Washington DC with these career politicians is being exposed. That is the real reason these criminals are trying to take down Donald Trump. They see what is coming…and IT CANNOT BE STOPPED! We The People are sick and tired of you wasting our tax money on these ongoing investigation and hoaxes.

Want to know how much this impeachment hoax has cost the American taxpayers?

“House Democrats spent at least $3 million of taxpayers’ money in under three months pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump, counting the cost of lawyers and staff time spent readying for hearings, according to Heritage Foundation research.” Click here to read the full article.

We’re sick of your BS hoaxes and your obstruction of the will of the American people and our duly elected President Donald Trump.

The video below says it all. Click on the image to view the video.

KAG2020 video from Dan Scavino

Learn more at https://stopthemadness.com.

Mad Liberals: Still Your President

I’ll end this post with a fun little video from one of my favorite mememakers Mad Liberals. Click on the image below to view the video.

Mad Liberals- Trump is still your president

See more great memes at www.twitter.com/mad_liberals or www.youtube.com/Mad_Liberals.

I appreciate you sharing this post with others…and make sure to check out some of my previous posts if you want more TRUTH. More posts coming soon!



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Illegal Spying and MANY MORE CRIMES Revealed In IG Report on FISA https://www.cbliss247.com/illegal-spying-many-crimes-revealed-in-fisa-report/ https://www.cbliss247.com/illegal-spying-many-crimes-revealed-in-fisa-report/#respond Thu, 12 Dec 2019 17:22:56 +0000 https://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4234 The post Illegal Spying and MANY MORE CRIMES Revealed In IG Report on FISA appeared first on CBliss247.


Illegal Spying and MANY MORE CRIMES Revealed in IG Report on FISA

illegal spying and crimes are treason

The Inspector General (IG) report is out, detailing the extensive FISA abuses that occurred during and after Donald Trump’s campaign and his election. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media (MSM) paid propagandists continue to spin and tell lies about what is in this report. They do what they do best…cherry pick only the details that support their paid false narratives.

Stop listening to their lies, little sheeple, and read the report for yourself. Click here to download the full report.

Dan Bongino does a great job, as usual, reviewing the report and providing highlights for people who do not want to read the entire document. Check out his recent podcast on YouTube below. I highly recommend that you read his book Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump. It will give you a background of all the players and how they orchestrated this scam against President Trump.

Breathtaking Failures Exposed in the IG Report

Dan will continue to review and provide highlights of the 476-page IG Report. You can find his podcast and lots of articles with more information at https://bongino.com. Dan also wrote a follow-up book, “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp,” which I am currently reading.

Here is one of my favorite lines from Exonerated: “All of it was plug-and-play. They plugged shocking allegations into the dossier, even though they knew it was the Mount Everest of horse manure.”

Dan also contends (and the IG Report supports) that this spying took place EVEN BEFORE Donald Trump’s campaign. Good ol’ obama….spying on everybody….the most transparent administration in history….NOT!

Other Sources for FACTS Not Propaganda

secret of freedomIt does still surprise me that people blindly follow the MSM puppets. Someone recently said to me: “We all know that Trump lies like a rug.” I responded that it is not President Trump who is lying; it is the media that constantly tells lies about him. Of course, this discussion went no further after I made this statement. It’s interesting how fast they can shut down a conversation if they don’t want to hear what you have to say. I also thought to myself: Really?! This is what you honestly believe?! You are SO brainwashed that you cannot see the truth?!

However, when I see the paid propagandists in action telling lie after lie, and doubling down on the lie even when the lie has been PROVEN to be false, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. It makes me sad that people, especially my family members, have been so duped by MSM and the corrupt Dems.

I am also extremely grateful for being able to see and discern the truth during this exciting time in our history. I look forward to the day when these MSM puppets are held accountable for their lies and crimes against We The People. Mark my words…their time is coming! That is why their lies are becoming more and more outrageous now. They are running scared…and it is also why the Dems are orchestrating this impeachment hoax. But, that is for another post….

Here are some articles that are based on FACTS and real investigative journalism. Click on the titles below to read the articles and view the facts.

real fear about TrumpThe Comey FBI’s 17 worst failures, inaccuracies and omissions flagged in the Russia FISA report

IG Report Confirms Schiff FISA Memo Media Praised Was Riddled With Lies

Barr: IG Investigation Reveals ‘FBI Launched an intrusive investigation’ of A Presidential Campaign

DOJ Watchdog Testifies in Congress About Report on Surveillance of Trump Campaign

Mark Meadows: IG Report ‘Exceeded My Expectations’

IG Horowitz: Report doesn’t vindicate anyone, doesn’t refute political biases

DOJ: Durham Investigating FBI Scheme to Purchase, Manufacture Fabricated Evidence to Secure Trump Warrants

Tracy Beanz Thread: Analysis of the IG Report on the Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

Both CNN and MSNBC Refuse to Air Senator Graham’s Full Opening Statement

ASK YOURSELF: Why Does MSM Control What You Can and Cannot See?

MSM Will Not Show You Anything That Does Not Agree with Their Hate-Trump Narrative

Below is the video referenced in the article above that CNN and MSNBC refused to air. Everyone needs to watch this video, if you want to know the TRUTH.

Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

This video is very enlightening, when you listen to Lindsey Graham read the “exact words” of these corrupt government officials. It is clear that they were out to take down Donald Trump from the get-go. If they can do this to a sitting president, imagine what they can do, and have done, to American citizens.

Click on the image below to see Ted Cruz ask Michael Horowitz about the fabrication of evidence and if this act is considered a crime.

If you want to see the complete testimony of Michael Horowitz, click here. I have not watched the full testimony; however, I have seen many of the video clips of the truth being revealed. MSM is going to have a more difficult time spinning this story.

Even James Comey will need to change his tune. He seems to think that this IG Report vindicates him. However, when Lindsey Graham directly asked IG Horowitz if the report vindicated the former FBI Director, the response from Horowitz was: “I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this.”

DiGenova: James Comey set a standard of misconduct with his own behavior

OAN Newsroom – UPDATED 9:20 AM PT — Sunday, December 15, 2019

“The IG report detailed over 50 violations of FBI and DOJ policy related to the FISA warrants, which were used to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. One America’s John Hines sat down with Joseph DiGenova to further discuss Michael Horowitz’s findings.”

SMEARS and LIES Are the Tools of the Dems and MSM Puppets

The Dems and MSM puppets are working hard to discredit Attorney General William Barr by smearing and lying about him, but their tactics no longer work for those of us who are awake. None of these paid puppets ever refute the facts or show that the facts are false, because they KNOW the truth. And they know that their time is coming….that is why the Dems continually accuse President Trump of EVERYTHING that they have done. They know that there will be no escape from justice. Why do you think that they are now calling for AG Barr’s resignation and disbarment? For what?! Just like President Trump, he has done NOTHING wrong. However, Barr will hold them ALL accountable for their criminal activities, which is the REAL reason that they are freaking out.

q what happens when public finds out truth

Thank goodness for people like Donald J Trump and William Barr, who are willing to stand up to this deep state corruption and fight for the American people. Rest assured that AG William Barr will uphold the rule of law in this country. And, thankfully, there are more and more people tuning out Dems and MSM nonstop fabrications, drama, and hateful rhetoric. Some of these newly awakened people are actually researching and discovering the truth for themselves.

Imagine that, thinking for yourselves….what a concept! This is what Q is all about.

If you are interested in uncovering the truth and thinking for yourself, go to https://qmap.pub. You’ll find YEARS of evidence and information on the swamp’s ongoing corruption.

Click on the image below to view a video of Attorney General Bar summing up the IG Report. Yes, there was illegal spying! Illegal surveillance = illegal SPYING.

AG Barr sums up IG Report

I’ll end this post with a fun video created by another patriot. Unfortunately, the full video has been removed. BlueSky reposted the shortened Twitter video, and Twitter continually removes that, too. Yeah, that’s right…there is no censorship happening on social media. If you buy into that BS, then there may not be any hope for you ever learning the truth. Wake up, sheeple!

Click on the image below to see the video.

Trump Thunder video

Please share this post with others and check back soon….more truth will be revealed.



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President Donald Trump Has Given Many of Us HOPE


MAGA flag


When I turned 18, I used to vote regularly, thinking that it would make a difference. During the same time, I was appalled that my mother had stopped voting. I harangued her about this decision, telling her that she did not have the right to complain about anything if she didn’t vote.

It’s almost funny…because years later, I made the same decision. I stopped voting because I didn’t see much difference between democrats and republicans. And certainly, no third party candidate was EVER going to win because the system was rigged. I clearly saw the ongoing corruption, and I truly believed that it didn’t matter who you voted for. The outcome would always be pretty much the same because corrupt criminals were in control of the system. 

There is no voting in a corrupt system. There is only the illusion of voting, the fabricated illusion that your vote will make a difference.

Later, I joined a group whose purpose was to take back our Republic and restore the Constitution and Common Law, as it was designed by our forefathers. I learned so much from the folks in this group. They are some of the kindest and smartest people I have ever met. Many of them had been studying these issues and corruption for years and years.

In the end, long story short…I did not see how or believe that We The People could take back our Republic or put an end to this rampant corruption.

I had given up hope a long time ago that our corrupt political system could EVER be fixed.


why people hate trump


I started taking notice of Donald Trump shortly before the 2016 election, as mainstream media (MSM) slammed him nonstop, labeling him the worst person on the planet.

Knowing what I knew about the paid propagandists of MSM, I knew they were afraid of this man from the get-go. I had to find out why.

So, I started researching, reading and watching everything online that the MSM would never show.



Click here to see “Here’s to the Deplorables” and more great videos from Power Tie.

Donald Trump is an outsider; he is not a DC swamp politician. He doesn’t need their DC swamp money or their influence. He can’t be bought because he came with his own money and influence.

So, why is this man taking on the DC Swamp and the corruption that extends across the world?

Donald Trump LOVES the United States of America! He believes in the impossible and believes that he CAN, and WILL, make a difference for We The People. And, he has been making a difference for many of us. At the same time, he has been exposing the corruption and actively working to drain the DC Swamp, since the day he came into office.

Trump rules the swamp

For the first time EVER, I have HOPE…

  • HOPE that this ongoing political corruption will finally be fully exposed and defeated, and the criminals will be held accountable for their heinous crimes (including MSM puppets)
  • HOPE that the children on this planet will be set free from child sex trafficking and other corrupt money-making schemes that exploit them
  • HOPE that we will stop being taxed to death and that our taxpayer money will actually reach its intended goal of helping to create better lives for all of us
  • HOPE that the nonstop regulations and restrictive policies of the federal government will be shut down, so that We The People can live our lives as we see fit (with no harm to others)
  • HOPE that the future for people here in the US, and across the world, will be incredibly bright, a vision of peace and prosperity that we never dreamed was possible.

dark to light - truth will prevail

Even more exciting is that the HOPE that I feel continues to grow with each passing day that President Donald Trump stands up to the corrupt MSM, and exposes the lies of the dems, the fake impeachment BS, and the paid puppets that continue to spin their stories and propaganda!


Hope In a Small Town: How President Trump Inspired a Dying Man in Eastern North Carolina

President Trump gives us hope
I am not the only person who has found hope again. There are many others out there, here in the US and across the world. These are the kinds of stories that MSM will NEVER show you. Below are some highlights from the story written by Clyde Swindell.

“I love politics, always have, always will. The battle of human ideas feels like the Roman Colosseum to me. With all the new time on my hands, I had plenty of time to read and learn. Admittedly, I had nothing in common with Donald J. Trump. Yet I couldn’t help but trust the man. In 2008, I held my nose and voted for John McCain—I almost voted for Obama, because of hope.”


“And when Trump came along, I couldn’t help but be drawn to hope—again.”


“All of a sudden, here in Eastern North Carolina, we heard someone who loved America, and that someone was going all in, hair on fire, to defend it. I realized he was endorsing me, my family, and all of the families in my community—regardless of color or creed or religion. I began seeing Latinos, young black men, and everyone else embrace the fervor. I had never seen anything like it before.”


Mr. Trump is in the ‘Hope Business.’ He had us sold in this small town. And having been a conservative all my life, I knew the attacks were coming: charges of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. But what I didn’t realize was that we had reached a point of frustration in this country where the media couldn’t turn public opinion.”

Donald Trump loves America
“Hope is what I see when President Trump hugs the flag like he was a kid again. Hope is when I see manufacturing jobs returning. Hope is standing beside Israel, right when they need strong allies the most.”


“Hope is black men and women being released from prolonged prison sentences. Hope is bringing our troops home from a 19-year-long war. It’s daring to cancel drone strikes, because they may kill 150 unnamed, unknown, innocent people.”


“Hope is when our President signed the ‘Right to Try Act,’ letting me use medical trials that I didn’t have access to, and removing the pharmacist gag order so they could help me manage my medications for the first time.”

Click here to read Clyde’s full story.


President Trump Gives Many People Hope with the Right to Try Act

“People who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to seek a cure — I want to give them a chance right here at home.” —President Donald J. Trump

Click on the image below to view the video of the young woman whose life was LITERALLY SAVED by the actions of President Trump. He and his administration worked on and passed the Right to Try Act of 2017.

President Trump Right to Try Act

“The bill amends Federal law to allow certain unapproved, experimental drugs to be administered to terminally ill patients who have exhausted all approved treatment options and are unable to participate in clinical drug trials.”

“Right to try legislation returns treatment decisions back to patients, giving them the right to make healthcare choices that could save their lives.”

“‘Right to Try’ gives the over 1 million Americans who die from a terminal illness every year a new tool to fight and make potentially lifesaving decisions about their treatment.”

Click here to learn more about the Right to Try Act of 2017.



My Hope Is That More People Will See the Truth

think for yourselfI see it every day…more and more people speaking up and showing their support for President Trump. It is an exciting time to be alive!

My hope is that my family members and ex-friends will see the truth some day. “Hope springs eternal,” as a friend of mine has always said.

Here is another story that is very illuminating, and illustrates why many of us like and support President Trump. If this woman can speak up and share her story, I believe that there is still hope for others to wake up and see the truth.

10 Reasons I Like Donald Trump, From A Female, Former-Democrat Immigrant

Below are some highlights from the story written by Saritha Prabhu.

“As a voter who lives far away from the Beltway bubble, I increasingly find myself harboring an uncomfortable secret: I like Donald Trump, and think he’s the perfect president for these times.”


“Now, I know that’s a big no-no. In fact, I probably should keep it to myself. After all, the mainstream media has been working non-stop to make me and countless others hate the president and see him as Public Enemy No. 1.”


“I’m also decidedly not the kind of voter who is supposed to like Trump; in fact, all my intersecting identities are supposed to hate Trump with a vengeance: I’m a woman, a legal immigrant, a person of color (never liked the term), a former Democrat, and a third-party voter in 2016.”


Trump - government by the people

“First, he is sui generis, a singularly unique individual who has single-handedly transformed almost everything about American politics, by sheer force of his personality and ideas. Presidents dream of being transformational, and Trump has transformed politics in ways many presidents can only dream about.”


“Second, by loudly questioning everything in his unorthodox way he has made us re-examine many things: our bloated bureaucracy, some of our egoistic federal civil servants who believe they’re in charge of our republic, the much-vaunted liberal international order, our awful elites and the meritocracy that produced them. Most important, his foreign policy ideas and actions have generated a long- overdue discussion on America’s global policeman role and its unsustainable costs to our people.”


“Third, he loves America, and his love is genuine, palpable and almost retro.”


“Tenth and lastly, I like his chutzpah and pugilistic style, with its underlying theme of ‘Honey Badger don’t care.’ It’s perfectly suited for this moment, where the overarching issue is: Who is really in charge in this republic, the voters or arrogant, unelected federal bureaucrats who think they know best and try to override the will of voters? He seems uniquely suited to take on the combined onslaught coming from many quarters.”


“The most fun and illuminating part has been watching the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party rip their tolerant masks off and show themselves for what they actually are: vicious, intolerant people who are dangerous when backed into a corner.”

Click here to read the full story.



who is qanon?Please share this post with others…and trust that the TRUTH shall prevail!

If you are new to this movement…

and it is a movement…

to regain our country,

regain our freedom,

and regain our lives…

Check out https://qmap.pub for information on Qanon, Q posts, the President’s messages, and so much more!

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Veterans Day 2019: Honoring All the People Who Have Fought, and Continue to Fight for Our FREEDOM https://www.cbliss247.com/veterans-day-2019-honoring-people-who-have-fought-continue-to-fight-for-freedom/ https://www.cbliss247.com/veterans-day-2019-honoring-people-who-have-fought-continue-to-fight-for-freedom/#respond Tue, 12 Nov 2019 03:50:46 +0000 http://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4136 The post Veterans Day 2019: Honoring All the People Who Have Fought, and Continue to Fight for Our FREEDOM appeared first on CBliss247.


Veterans Day 2019: Honoring All the People Who Have Fought, and Continue to Fight for Our FREEDOM

thank you veterans
This is a very special Veterans Day, as I watch the live stream of President Donald J. Trump addressing the people at the New York City Veterans Day Parade.

It is a very special day for many reasons, the first reason being that Donald Trump is President, and the second being that he fully supports our veterans and the military, with a deep understanding of the FREEDOM that they have fought for, and continue to fight for.

Thirdly, we are at war now (an information war). And with President Trump as our leader, we are WINNING the war against the deep state, the corruption that I NEVER dreamed would be exposed, and the war against mainstream media propaganda and lies.

Lastly, President Trump is committed to ending the ENDLESS WARS that were deliberately planned and orchestrated by deep state puppets, the CIA, and others! Their time of reckoning is coming soon…

If you didn’t see President Trump’s speech, you can see it in the video below.


President Trump and The First Lady Attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade

If you don’t want to watch the full video, click on the image below to see one of the highlights.
Trump salutes veterans



President Trump Has Accomplished Much for Veterans Since He Came Into Office

President Trump has made the military and our veterans a priority since he came into office. He and his administration have secured 8.6 billion dollars for mental health services, provided greater access to care through the VA Mission Act, and achieved the lowest unemployment rate for veterans EVER. Below are a few more of the things that President Trump has accomplished.

veterans for trump


President Trump supports veterans

In the video below, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie explains how the the VA Mission Act has helped our veterans get more choices and more access to quality healthcare. Click on the image to view the video.
Robert Wilkie VA secretary


Thank You, Veterans, and Commander-In-Chief Trump: The Great Awakening Is Here!

I want to get this post published so I will leave you with this final video…a song written by Patriots called The Great Awakening.



Please check back soon. I’ll be posting more TRUTH AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS of President Trump and his adminstration…

Click on the links below to see posts related to these hashtags, but beware of the trolls who also post nasty things:


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How Many Hoaxes and How Much Corruption Needs to Be Exposed Before You See the Truth? https://www.cbliss247.com/how-many-hoaxes-corruption-exposed-before-you-see-truth/ https://www.cbliss247.com/how-many-hoaxes-corruption-exposed-before-you-see-truth/#respond Tue, 29 Oct 2019 06:55:12 +0000 http://www.cbliss247.com/?p=4045 The post How Many Hoaxes and How Much Corruption Needs to Be Exposed Before You See the Truth? appeared first on CBliss247.


How Many Hoaxes and How Much Corruption Needs to Be Exposed Before You See the Truth?

pain is coming - trust the plan - Q
I have not posted for awhile. I have not wanted to give any energy to all this fake “impeachment” talk.

Constitution written for people like schiffMainstream media (MSM) paid puppets continue to spin their stories and tell their lies. I shake my head and wonder how people can continue to believe these OBVIOUS fabrications.

I ask you: How many hoaxes and how much corruption needs to be exposed before you little sheeple out there WAKE UP?!
I am continually amazed that the people sitting in front of their tvs and devices watching the actions of the corrupt dems (and the fake republicans who go along with them) don’t see anything wrong with this process.

Really?! Holding secret meetings and interviews?! Schiff meeting with the “whistleblower” to assist in the creation and filing of the complaint? Changing the rules so that secondhand information, which has NO evidence to back it up, can now be used to file complaints against others in the government?

Of course, their most corrupt action is YOU are GUILTY until proven innocent….this is what they have been doing to President Trump since he came into office.

What Country IS This?

You better take notice: If they can do this to a sitting president, imagine what these people will do to ordinary American citizens (AND what they have already done to many innocent people).


Tired of Fake “News,” Fake Impeachment, Fake Government Concern for We The People!

I am SO tired of these corrupt government officials wasting MY tax money on BS investigations and fake impeachment proceedings. Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova pretty much sum up the REAL ISSUES in the video below. Click on the image to view the video.


Lou Dobbs video on impeachment

Trump fake impeachment

What Are These Ridiculous Accusations and the Nonstop Criticism of President Trump Really About?

The ridiculous accusations and criticism of President Trump continues. MSM paid propagandists, dems, corrupt government officials, and deep state puppets will do anything to take down this president.

Have you asked yourself WHY?!

It is because they KNOW and can SEE what is coming….The wheels of justice are slowly coming down the track, and these puppets who have participated in treason and sedition WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

I try to keep my sense of humor about it all, and detach from their negative narratives by finding the patriots out there that support President Trump. I love some of the videos @Hodgetwins. Click on the image below to see the video.
HodgeTwins video on lynching
View more from the Hodgetwins on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hodgetwins.


CNN paid by deep state

So You Need More Evidence that MSM Puppets Are Propagandists?

Have you seen the Project Veritas videos that expose the truth about Jeff Zucker and CNN?

CNN is NOT about news. CNN is not objective. CNN is not journalism.

CNN is nothing more than paid propaganda. They focus ALL their efforts on trashing President Trump.

Watch the video below to see another HOAX (CNN) exposed.

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS


Go to Project Veritas to see the rest of the #ExposeCNN videos: www.projectveritas.com/.


ABC News HOAX Is Exposed

Here’s another hoax for you…think this was just a mistake? MSM puppets are getting sloppy. Our very smart citizen journalists continue to expose them for the paid propagandists that they are. And there are actually journalists that report the truth; however, you won’t find any journalists in MSM. Click on the title below to read the article.

ABC News Issues Correction, Deletes Gun Range Video Claimed to Be Syrian Conflict Footage
spygate obama corruption

Endless Propaganda and Lies – Time for FACTS and the TRUTH

It just continues….on and on and on, which is why there are days that I simply have to unplug from it all. Unfortunately, the BS narratives will continue until real justice is carried out. Check out THE TRUTH below.

Obama Photographer Suggests Trump Situation Room Photo Not Taken During Baghdadi Raid, Gets Busted by Facts

Washington Post Mourns Passing of “Austere Religious Scholar” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…

MUST READ… THE LIST: 8 Ways the Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Schiff’s Sham Impeachment Are Identical, Corrupt and Unconstitutional

How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump

The American Deep State Would Sooner Sacrifice The Republic Than Lose Again To Donald Trump

Clinton campaign given defensive briefing about foreign threat, something Trump never got on Russia

GOHMERT: The Media Turns Fake Whistleblowers Into Heroes While Real Ones Get Punished

Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM

Larry C. Johnson: Exposing John Brennan’s Secret CIA Trump Task Force?

Trump’s ‘Haters’ Are the Ones Breaking America, Says Kimberley Strassel



The Corruption Runs Deep But the Truth Runs Deeper and Cannot Be Stopped

Sidney Powell is exposing these deep state puppets and their criminal setup of General Flynn. Click on the image and titles below to see the information.
Sidney Powell exposes criminals in Flynn case
Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn

FBI Agents Manipulated Flynn 302 Interview. His Case Must Be Dismissed. It Was A Setup.

Lee Smith: Deep State Used ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Stop Flynn’s Audit of Intelligence Agencies

If you’re not familiar with Sidney Powell’s work, see my blog post Support General Flynn and ALL the People Accused of Crimes They Did Not Commit.


pain is coming - Barr justice

Pain Is Coming to the Criminal Deep State Players

For those of us who have been aware of the ongoing corruption and deep state infiltration in our government, this journey has been a long one. However, as I have said before, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime that these corrupt and sick people would be exposed and held accountable for their crimes. I do believe that their free reign on this earth is coming to a close. I try to focus on the positive…and avoid the negative naysayers out there.

See the videos below with news of justice on the horizon. And the players are starting to roll over on each other!


Former FBI official James Baker Flipped, Cooperating with Barr Investigation

“All of Washington is now talking about the developments in the Barr investigation and the Sidney Powell filing. One America’s Jack Posobiec was joined by the leader of a top conservative group for this exclusive interview.”



Finally! DOJ Criminal Investigation of #Spygate, Smoking Gun Clinton Email Cover-Up Doc & MORE!

“The motto of Judicial Watch is ‘Because no one is above the law.’ To this end, Judicial Watch uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.”

For more information, go to www.judicialwatch.org



What The Mainstream Media Was Afraid To Tell You This Week

I love to watch Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. She exposes the MSM for what they are….and covers news that I may have missed during the week. So, I will end this post with the following video:


When will the sheeple wake up and realize that MSM is only focused on taking down President Trump? MSM NEVER reports on “news” that is important to We The People. They only make up lies, smear the President, and try to convince their dwindling audiences that President Trump is unfit or was not duly elected. Yeah, right…have you seen the photos from President Trump’s rallies? This movement for FREEDOM and JUSTICE continues to expand exponentially!
Trump rally in Minneapolis
We shall see what happens to MSM when the indictments start coming….and they will be coming!

Please share this information with others, and check back…I will continue to post enlightening TRUTH as justice is being served.



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Busting the Illusion of Hollywood: Time to Expose These SICK PUPPETS https://www.cbliss247.com/busting-illusion-of-hollywood-expose-sick-puppets/ https://www.cbliss247.com/busting-illusion-of-hollywood-expose-sick-puppets/#respond Tue, 01 Oct 2019 03:38:18 +0000 http://www.cbliss247.com/?p=3966 The post Busting the Illusion of Hollywood: Time to Expose These SICK PUPPETS appeared first on CBliss247.


Busting the Illusion of Hollywood: Time to Expose These SICK PUPPETS

I recently discovered this woman named Tiffany FitzHenry. Tiffany has been speaking out about Hollywood for a while now. She has experienced Hollywood firsthand and knows the TRUTH. She is BUSTING the ILLUSION of who these people are and what Hollywood really is. Anyone who is “famous” is owned…their influence is owned, according to Tiffany. They are comprised and controlled by the deep state. Hollywood is filled with money launderers, drug runners, child sex traffickers, pedophiles, and satanists. In order to succeed there, you have to be willing to do anything….and that means anything! View the video below for a glimpse into this corruption and sickness.

Tiffany FitzHenry – RE-RELEASED – Leaving Neverland, Hollywood Mind Control and MUCH MORE!




Tiffany also recently exposed George Clooney as a deep state puppet. See the interview with her on CrowdSource the Truth with Jason Goodman below.

George Clooney – Hollywood Mega Star or Deep State Stooge



oscars go to pedowood

Click on the titles below to read the articles written by Tiffany:

Behind The Illusion; George Clooney

What It Means to Work For the New World Order: George Clooney Part 2

Clooney Denounced by Government of South Sudan

Globalist Puppets Revealed – Harrison Ford, ‘Climate Change’ and the UN; It’s Deeper Than You Think

Spoiler Alert: Hollywood is Dying

Who’s Really Behind Leaving Neverland?

Find more information: https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com.

It’s Time for Everyone to Wake Up to the Truth

mistaken importance of athletes hollywood

I gave my TV away years ago. I stopped listening to mainstream media (MSM) many years ago, as well. However, I continued to watch series online and went to the theater to see movies….until a year or so ago.

I can’t bring myself to support Hollywood or any TV actor, knowing what crimes these people have committed, especially against children.

I also cannot help but to see the propaganda EVERYWHERE in what they produce.

People are so brainwashed by all of this crap. It is a travesty. It really is like The Matrix. In fact, when I started waking up to the corruption and the “false world” that these deep state criminals have created, I felt like I was in the matrix…certainly in another world that few people used to be aware of. Those of us who were awake were definitely in the minority for many years.

However, this has changed recently with the election of President Trump who exposes the MSM and swamp creatures whenever he can. It has changed with the posts from Q, and the Qanon community. More and more online citizen journalists and others are exposing the lies and propaganda.

People across the world are now waking up to this FAKE and manipulated reality, on all levels.

If you want to know the truth about Hollywood, I recommend that you watch the two videos below produced by Dave Janda from Operation Freedom. Dave interviews a courageous Hollywood producer, who is exposing their rampant pedophilia networks, human trafficking, and child exploitation.

Special Briefing: John Paul Rice – Human Compromise Networks – Part 1



Special Briefing – John Paul Rice – Human Compromise Networks – Part 2



Watch more videos on Dave Janda’s YouTube Channel Operation Freedom.




A Child’s Voice, an Independent Feature Film Produced by John Paul Rice

This film features an introduction to the trafficking of children and their satanic ritual abuse by very powerful people. Rice states: “It is our hope this piece of art will inspire people to take action in their homes, communities, and churches as well as work with local law enforcement and business leaders to put a permanent end to these criminal networks.” See the trailer below.


I have not yet watched this film, but I will at some point in time….when I am ready. You can find it on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/achildsvoice


There Is So Much MORE Truth Out There About Hollywood, Musicians, and Politicians

If you have been paying attention, you know that Macaulay Culkin has been talking about PEDOGATE for years. “Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are ‘blood-thirsty Satanists’ who ritualistically ‘murder child actors.'” Of course, this article was scrubbed from the internet. Click here to download the pdf of the information that Macauley shared.


hollywood freaks illuminati


There are many child actors, now adults, who have spoken out about the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. Below is just one article. Search for yourself and learn the truth.

Hollywood’s Dark Secret: Pedophilia, Child Actors and Those Who Escaped



Do You Know About Walt Disney’s Relationship with the CIA?

Corey Lynn from www.CoreysDigs.com has uncovered a LOT of information on good ol’ Walt and the real purpose of his films, Disneyland, and Disney World.

“Disney has had a cozy relationship with the CIA going back decades. In fact, the CIA likes to brag about Disney’s special effects wizard, Robert Carey Broughton, creating ‘award-winning films’ for both Disney and the OSS.”


“Files obtained through FOIA reveal that the DoD and CIA have backed and influenced the production of 100’s of movies and TV shows, many of which are owned by The Walt Disney Company.”

Click on the title below to read the full article. Corey references ALL of her information and sources.

Exposing The “Keys” to Disney’s Operations and Agenda



pedophile red shoe sickos

Watch An Open Secret

“An Open Secret, a documentary about ‘the alleged pedophilic ring of convicted and accused molesters linked to lavish, drug-fueled parties,’ outs several Hollywood names, such as Singer’s associates Marc Collins-Rector, Chad Shackman, former child actor Brock Pierce (The Mighty Ducks), and Brian Peck. Peck is an actor, dialogue coach and convicted sex offender who had a cameo in Singer’s X-Men, reports The Daily Mail. Though he’s barred from working directly with children, he is not prohibited from working on shows featuring children.”

View the film at https://vimeo.com/142444429.



Who Can Forget Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn and His Sick Behavior?

It seems that these stories come up and then quickly disappear. Why are there not more people standing up AGAINST the TRUE horrors of Hollywood? Are the movies you see more important than the children being abused and murdered by these people?! Wake up, little sleepwalking SHEEP! Check out the photos in the article below, and make up your own mind.

Photos Surface of ‘Guardians’ Director James Gunn at Pedophilia-Themed Party



More on Elite Pedophile Rings and Child Sex Trafficking


Liddle Adma Schiff pedophileThe articles below are very enlightening. President Trump has made the shutting down all of these pedophile, child sex, and human trafficking rings a PRIORITY. Gee, I wonder if that is why most of Hollywood and the Dems continually scream about what a horrible person the President is….or how he deserves to be impeached, even though he has NOT committed any crimes?!

Methinks thou dost protest too much….Robert DeNiro, Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Alyssa Milano and her wonderful hubby…the list goes on.


I wonder why obama didn’t see what was going on with all this child exploitation???


obama sick pedophileI look forward to the day when ALL the information is revealed about this obama traitor and his “wife,” the Clintons, the Podestas, and everyone else in this SICK CABAL. Click on the titles below to read the articles.

Under Obama: US Became World’s Mega-Hub for Pedophilia

Bombshell: Obama, Clinton, Podesta, Soros, Epstein, Alefantis — All Connected to Pedophilia Claims by ‘Podesta Emails’

Unfortunately, the information that I am providing in this post is simply the tip of the iceberg. I understand that it is difficult to watch, to comprehend, and to integrate.

It is disturbing and, sometimes, it feels so far-fetched, you may think: how can it be real?! That IS what they want us to think. That is how they have manipulated us and our reality.

The more we can share this information with others and expose these criminal and SICK people, the better chance we will have to stop this and SAVE THE CHILDREN! Please share with others…




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People Around the World Stand Up to Corruption & Lies https://www.cbliss247.com/people-worldwide-stand-up-to-corruption-lies/ https://www.cbliss247.com/people-worldwide-stand-up-to-corruption-lies/#respond Sun, 01 Sep 2019 05:32:11 +0000 http://www.cbliss247.com/?p=3907 The post People Around the World Stand Up to Corruption & Lies appeared first on CBliss247.


People Around the World Stand Up to Corruption & Lies

George Orwell quote
I have said it before…I cannot believe that so much corruption is being exposed WORLDWIDE.

stand up game overIt’s exciting to see people across the world stand up against corruption and lies, and STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH!

It’s an amazing time to be alive and to be part of the GREAT AWAKENING!! It’s definitely going to be a new world, but it’s not the “new world order” that all these criminals were planning on.

Too bad the paid puppets of mainstream media (MSM) are still promoting their propaganda…

It’s amazing to me that anyone believes anything they say anymore. Their narrative gets more and more desperate every day.

Did you know that many of these MSM puppets have visited Epstein pedophile island? Sure, they didn’t know he was a pedophile?! More lies!!

Thank you to all the people who continue to post facts and truthful information. I discover more and more every day from people posting online.

I will be featuring some new sources in this post.


President Trump Speaks: Here’s Why They Hate Him

“The political elites hate him on both sides of the Atlantic. Why? Because he’s not on board with their precious New World Order. RTV takes a closer look at President Trump’s inauguration speech and its ramifications. Trump is far from perfect, but so was Constantine…and look how God used him. Pray for President Donald J. Trump!”

Boris Johnson’s Vision for the UK

It looks like the Brits are finally going to get their BREXIT, too! View the video below of Boris assuring them that BREXIT WILL HAPPEN!

Click on the image to view the video.
Boris Johnson for BREXIT

Restart Opposition Iran

You’d be very wise not to believe ANYTHING that MSM tells you about Iran (or Korea or Afghanistan or….). Why? Because none of it is true. Deep state operatives and their paid propagandists have been pushing for and creating wars for years. It’s a great way to keep people busy and keep people divided. The deep state has been baiting President Trump with false information ever since he came into office. They keep trying to find reasons for him to start a war, but he WILL NOT TAKE THEIR BAIT! Click on the image below to view the video.
RESTART Make Iran Great Again

Yellow Vest Protests Continue in France, Now in 42nd Week

Isn’t it ironic that President Macron has said that President Trump does not know how to run the United States of America. Macron seems to think that he is the expert on running countries…Why is it that French citizens (the yellow vests) are still protesting in the streets after 42 weeks?! Where is the MSM in reporting this? Nowhere to be found….gee, I wonder why?!

Macron will be held accountable, along with all the other corrupt leaders, for his crimes against humanity! Click on the image below to view the video.


yellow vests protest in France


Hong Kong Protesters Sing the Star Spangled Banner

MSM paid propagandists would like you to believe that people around the world hate President Trump. They continue to spread their lies and do not cover any of the events showing people from other countries praising Donald Trump or asking him to help their countries, too. This has happened in many places, not just Hong Kong. Click on the image below to view the video.
Hong Kong protesters sing Star Spangled Banner

Learn the Truth: America First with Sebastion Gorka

The video below features a very enlightening discussion about the corruption in our intelligence agencies, and how they tried to take down Donald J Trump. Their corruption has not stopped, as we continually hear the lies and smears from people like brennan and clapper. These two, along with obama, comey, mccabe, and many others in the obama administration are the real criminals!

Sorry, folks! This video is no longer available. It looks like you have to become a member in order to view it now. Go to www.sebgorka.com for more information.

#ObamaGate #SpyGate #FISA

Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing: It’s ObamaGate, and It’s the Biggest Scandal in American History

“Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, experts on the #ObamaGate scandal, talk about how much the intelligence community was weaponized against the Trump campaign by the Obama Administration.”

MLK quote

Become Informed Citizens: Check Out the X22 Report

Did You Know? Recently released documents show that Google scrubbed the arabic word “covfefe” from the internet after President Trump posted a tweet using this word. It actually means “I will stand up.” This is exactly how they manipulate our reality! Then, all the paid puppets and anti-Trumpers insisted that President Trump was mentally ill or an idiot for tweeting a “made-up” word. (I LOVE my covfefe coffee cup!)

And then there is global warming. Sorry, sheeple, this is another HOAX!!

Mass manipulation of information and mind control…that’s what BIG TECH DOES!!

Dave does a great job of exposing the fake stories and propaganda, and letting us know what is going on behind the scenes. Check out his video below to learn more.


What We Have Been Waiting For Is Coming, We Have The Ultimate Weapon – Episode 1954b

“The mystery of covfefe is now revealed. Trump skips climate meeting, the UN leaks the real agenda behind the climate agenda. Trump wants Russia back in the G7, the [DS] responds. JW goes after Rep Omar. McCabe might be indicted. The US C_A and the Mexican C_A worked together. Iran reaches out, its happening. The movement was put into place on purpose, the people have the ultimate weapons now combat the [DS]. All pieces are now in place.”

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.


Do you want to know the TRUTH about the people who follow Q? It’s certainly not what the MSM paid puppets tell you. The video below explains it quite well. Why do you think all the MSM paid puppets continually bash us and paint us as conspiracy theorists or terrorists?! Why don’t these puppets ask President Trump about Q? Because they already know the truth…and NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!

You can find Q posts on a number of websites. However, 8Chan has been taken down for now; this is the board where Q publishes the original posts. Deep state operatives are trying hard to shut 8Chan down forever, but it won’t happen. Q and the Patriots have everything, and they KNOW ALL.

Q will be back.

In the meantime, there are thousands of posts and lots of information that you can explore at www.qmap.pub.
we are Q nation

People All Around the World Love President Trump

I am so thankful for President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the rest of their family! The vitriol and abuse that they have to put up with on a daily basis from MSM and all the deep state players is….beyond words….I cannot even describe it. No person on the planet should have to put up with this kind of treatment.

I look forward to the day when all these MSM paid puppets; corrupt politicians, judges, and govt employees; and Hollywood creeps and “famous” musicians have been held accountable for their crimes against this country and their heinous crimes against children. Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg….their pedophile rings, satanic abuse, and their HORRIBLE ACTS AGAINST CHILDREN WILL ALL BE EXPOSED!

Click on the image below to view the video created by another stand-up patriot SayIt***OutLoud at RealTT20.
people all around the world love Trump

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